Mission for Primary Health

"Every Single Day, Nigeria loses 2,300 under five year old and 145 women in Childbearing age" UNICEF

Mission for Primary Health initiative of TCF strives to address the situation by partnering with State Governments to administer Primary Health Centres in order to enhance the accessibility, affordability and effectiveness of health cares services in remote areas of Nigeria. 

Mission for Vision

Two out of three Nigerian is blind from the causes which could be easily avoided. With the Mission to bring down the number of visually impaired in Nigeria, TCF doctors and project staff on average undertakes 20 - 25 eye surgeries per day. 

Mission For Water

Less than 50 per cent of rural Nigerian population have access to safe drinking water. Mission for Water initiative of TCF rehabilitates non-functional hand pumps, engages local community and provides technical support to keep hand pumps functioning.

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