Mission- primary

Mission for Primary Health

Making affordable primary health available to rural Nigeria

According to the National Demographic Health Survey in 2013 one-third of Nigerian women received no pre-natal care and two-thirds of Nigerian women delivered at home. Only half of recent births were protected against neo-natal tetanus. Only 25% of all children between the ages of 12-23 months had been fully vaccinated. Almost 21% had received no vaccination at all. In the two weeks leading up to the survey, an estimated1-in-10 children under five experienced a bout of diarrhea. Only 38% of these children were treated with oral rehydration supplementation (ORT) or recommended home fluids, while 21% received no treatment at all. One in six children dies before reaching the age of five.
The maternal mortality is 576 deaths per 100,000 live births, The lifetime risk of maternal death indicates that 1 in 30 women in Nigeria will have a death related to pregnancy or childbearing. while Nigeria’s infant mortality rate is 69 deaths per 1,000 live births. At these mortality levels one in every 15 Nigerian children die before reaching age 1, and one in every eight do not survive to their fifth birthday. Children who survive the birthing process remain vulnerable: 37 of these live-birth babies will die within the first month of lifelong

Mission for Primary Health program works in rural communities across Nigeria with the objective to:

• Reduce maternal and infant mortality in Nigeria.

• Preventing transmission of HIV Aids from mother to child.

• Immunizing children against all vaccine preventable diseases.

• Reduce mal-nourishment among the children


Primary Healthcare Program of TCF is operational in the following States in Nigeria:

• Adamawa State

• Kaduna


Emphasis of projects are on the following:

• Quality pre-natal and post natal care

• Safe delivery

• Immunizations

• Monitoring Child growth and providing supplementary nutrients

• HIV awareness program on prevention along with free distribution of condoms, voluntary counselling and testing of HIV, prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV.

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