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Mission for Vision

Reducing an entirely curable form of blindness: Cataract

Nigerian National Blindness and Visual Impairment Survey conducted in 2007 suggest that two out of every three Nigerians are blind. Blindness does not only hinder quality of life of the person but impact socio - economic condition of family, community and the Nation. According to experts, “If priority attention is not given, the number of blind and severely visually impaired adults in Nigeria will increase by greater than 40 per cent over the next decade.”

TCF’s Eye Care program focuses on reducing the number of blind. TCF has a track record of providing high quality Eye Care to people irrespective of their socio – economic conditions. The TCF Eye Hospitals are the only reliable and cost free option for the disadvantaged and remote Nigerian population. The Eye Surgeons chosen by TCF are highly motivated, committed and experienced individuals from India. There are several eye centres are managed and run by TCF in Nigeria.

In addition, our outreach team reaches out to more number of people for sensitization and awareness programs. Moreover the Foundation undertakes several Eye Camps including Pediatric Eye Camps in several cities in Nigeria.

Presently, in Nigeria the Foundation is managing three well established eye centres at:

TCF aims to reduce avoidable blindness, predominantly cataract, among the rural poor of Nigeria by providing high quality free surgeries.

  • Focus on surgical treatment of cataract with intra-ocular lens implantation
  • Provide service to those who would otherwise be unable to access quality eye care
  • Draw from the vast experience in Community Eye Care in India where its sister organizations are engaged in performing over 180000 free eye surgeries annually
  • Modern surgical techniques using state of the art equipment
  • Maximizing utilization of Government infrastructure thus saving unnecessary duplication and expense.




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