Mission- Water

Mission for Water

Water is one of the most inaccessible basic needs of the Nigerian population. UNICEF data suggests that 50 per cent of the people do not have access to safe and potable drinking water. Women and children have to trek miles to fetch water. Diarrhoea is the second highest cause of mortality of children under five years of age in Nigeria. Over 25000 hand pumps have been abandoned in Nigeria.

TCF’s Water Programme is focused on the Concept of Village Level Operation and Maintenance (VLOM) by:

  • Forming water, sanitation and hygiene committees (WASHCOMs) for each rehabilitated hand pump
  • Skill development training of two private local area mechanics (LAMs) in hand pump installation-repair-maintenance in each of participating LGAs,
  • Capacity building of WASHCOMs on preventive maintenance and managing their water sources,
  • Establishing linkages to a local supply chain for high quality reasonably prices fast moving hand pump spare-parts.

TCF has covered 175 Local Government Areas in 27 States and executed village level operation and maintenance (VLOM) of hand-pumps by rehabilitating over 4,448 non-functional hand-pumps with the successful completion of UNICEF supported PCA 6, PCA 7 was initiated.

Expected Result for PCA 7:

(a) Development of training manual for Local Area Mechanics and caretakers.

(b) Rehabilitation HPBHs and 10 Solar/Motorized boreholes in 41 LGAs of 12 States.

(c) Designing of VLOM Publicity and IEC material.

(d) Strengthening of 41 LGA Level Supply Chain of hand pump spares parts and linking it to major suppliers and importers.

(e) Training of 82 Private Local Area Mechanics from 41 Local Government Areas on rehabilitation, repair and maintenance of hand pumps.

(f) Development of Water Safe Plans in 30 communities of Tangaza LGA of Sokoto State.

(g) Development of VLOM strategy and action plan for wider replication.



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