Tulsi Chanrai Foundation (TCF) made a humble beginning in 1992 to make health services available to remote and disadvantaged Nigerian population. Today with the support of partners TCF has grown as an International Non-Governmental Organization benefiting till date nearly 2 million disadvantaged children and adults in Nigeria.


Every Nigerian should have access to primary health care, safe drinking water and eye care


Establish in partnership high quality sustainable and replicable models in primary health care, provision of safe drinking water and eye care in each of the 6 geo-political zones of Nigeria.

  • Donor contribution directly reach the beneficiaries: Group of core donor share the administrative expenses ensuring that donor contribution directly reach the beneficiaries.
  • Inclusion: Ensuring Government, Business Groups, INGOs participation
  • Reach: working with remote population in Nigeria
  • Community Participation: partnership with the community ensuring long term sustainability.
  • Leveraging on existing infrastructure: Maximizing utilization of existing infrastructure thus reducing capital expenses
  • Quality intervention: working with professional with a willingness to improve lives.
  • Transparent and accountable: Regular MIS makes information available to the stakeholders at all times. Internal and External audit exercise is taken on a quarterly basis
  • Institutional knowledge and know how: with the vast experience of 20 years of working in Nigeria and developing models TCF is well equipped to ensure high quality treatment

TCF’s sister organization in India:

Mission for Vision, Mumbai  

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