Caring Capitalism

As a global citizen I have witnessed how in the name of Capitalism, we have allowed the poor to remain. In this process of self enrichment over the years the gap between the rich and poor continues to widen.

While Capitalism celebrates profits only to enrich shareholders, Caring Capitalism is pursuit of profit to enrich society as a whole. The word ‘Caring’ automatically encompasses responsibility. Just as we care for our children, family and become responsible towards them, there is a need for businesses to care for the social and environmental bottom lines, besides meeting their financial objectives.

In Caring Capitalism, we are employing all the strengths of Capitalism, but fruits of it are shared with the have nots. Here, it’s all about us. To enshrine this golden maxim, is why we have renamed the system as ‘Caring Capitalism’ - by which entrepreneurs, the Government and the professionals join hands for the common good and benefit society as a whole. Adopting Caring Capitalism also makes wise business sense. A healthy, happy and secured community assures you of a better tomorrow.

We chose to practice ‘Caring Capitalism’ in Nigeria in the area of ‘eye care’, ‘primary healthcare’ and ‘safe water’. Disadvantaged and remote Nigerian population gets access to free eye care through eye centres in Katsina, Kebbi and Calabar; mother and child get natal care through health facilities in remote areas in Adamawa, Ibadan and Cross River State and our water team is ensuring rehabilitation and maintenance of hand pumps across Nigeria to provide access to safe drinking water.

This journey of over 20 years has been extremely fulfilling providing benefits to nearly two million people in Nigeria.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the support of our donors and well wishers. We have a long way to go achieve TCF’s vision of ensuring health care for every Nigerian. There is an alarming need to join hands to reach out to disadvantaged and remote Nigerian population.

Jagdish M. Chanrai
Managing Trustee

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