Icelandic Dry Fish Producers Gift to Nigeria

Every year, 15 – 20 dry fish producing companies and its workers; few fishermen; a trucking company  and a shipping company in Iceland come together to contribute in their own way towards a noble cause of restoring the vision of people in Nigeria. In the last 10 years their gift has enabled Tulsi Chanrai Foundation to undertake 26898 free cataract eye surgeries for the deserving people of Nigeria.

The chain of giving starts at sea. The fishermen hand over a portion of their catch to the dry fish factories.. The workers in the factories put in extra hours to process the fish. The company then packs them in special charity bags. A trucking company pro – bono transports these bags of dry fish to the port. A Shipping company waives-off the freight and transports a container of dried fish products to Nigeria.

Far East Mercantile Company Ltd., the distribution partner of the Ice landic dry fish producers in Nigeria, then sells the products at the best market rates in Nigeria. The total funds generated by selling a container of dried fish from Iceland is handed over to Tulsi Chanrai Foundation to undertake free Cataract Eye Surgeries in Calabar Eye Centre, Cross River State, Nigeria.     


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